What We Do

Infrastructure is the ground transportation foundational path. Roads and bridges connect to each other, and consequentially, connect each of us personally and professionally. However, after decades of use and abuse by a growing, travelling and commuting population, which includes 222 million licensed drivers, copious numbers of maintenance issues, repairs and renovations are required to keep the motoring public and their vehicles safe.

SRB successfully performs the many services listed below and the team takes great pride in offering project diversification and the ability to execute even the most complex jobs. By doing so, we remain competitive, offering comprehensive turnkey solutions to our clients. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Bridge, Marine, & other Structures

• Pile Jacketing
• Cathodic Protection & Metalizing
• Fender Repair/Replacement
• Concrete Repair (Spalls, Partial & Full Depth Repair)
• Concrete Substructures, Superstructures, & Overlays
• Jacking For Bearing & Beam End Repairs
• Joint Repair & Reconstruction
• Structural Steel Repair
• Welding, Cutting and Straightening Beams
• Abrasive Blasting (Lead Abatement) and Industrial Coating of Steel
• Rigging & Containment
• Caulking, Sealing & Waterproofing
• Sheet Pile Installation/Repair
• Dam Repair
• Ground & Elevated Tank Rehabilitation

Grading, Drainage, & Site Services

• Clearing, Grubbing, Grading & Excavation
• Erosion Control
• Scour Protection
• Rip Rap Installation/Repair
• Site Demolition & Disposal
• Shoring and Underpinning
• Dewatering
• Water Line, Sewage & Drainage Pipe Installation (Directional Boring)
• Manhole Installation & Rehabilitation
• Conduit Installation
• Irrigation & Landscaping
• Streetscape & Beautification
• Asphalt Paving, Sealing & Striping
• Guardrail Installation/Repair
• Sidewalk & Curbing